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SMP4Bike Tourism

EXTREME Large Is the ideal choice for Freeride/Dirt or MTB bikes. Combined with the comfortable and strong AISI 304 stainless steel tubular frame, it can stand up to the toughest treatment in extreme cycling conditions. The saddle is shorter and wider than the Medium model, and combined with the extremely comfortable padding makes this one of the most comfortable saddles around, that has been designed for use even without the traditional padded shorts. The Selle SMP patented features, including the completely open central channel, the original eagle’s beak front part and the raised rear support give elevated comfort to these models.

Technical data
Weight: 360 g
Dimensions: 272 x 177 mm Padding: soft polyurethane
Body: Co-polymer polypropylene
Covering: SVT (SMP Vacuum Tech)
Frame: AISI 304 stainless steel tubular
Available colours: black



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