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Dillglove Limited based in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands are the proud exclusive distributor of SMP4BIKE Saddles in the United Kingdom. Probably the best saddle range in the world. If you are suffering with prostrate or soreness in delicate areas, SMP4BIKE saddles can help.

These saddles have been medically designed and tested by physicians. Bicycle seats have been revolutionised with this patented SMP4BIKE design.

  • Numbness is those delicate areas?
  • Chronic perineum pain?
  • Compression of the local circulatory ducts?
  • Pressure on the perineum?

All of the above symptoms can be eased and comfort regained by choosing the correct bicycle SMP4BIKE saddle.

The geometry of the bicycle seat (saddle) can decisively influence the reduction of compression and is therefore a fundamental parameter to consider and evaluate when choosing a saddle.

A test service is available to enable you to try before you buy, making a correct saddle choice is vital and Dillglove Limited are here to help.

Dillglove Limited stock both tourism and racing saddles, so whatever your requirement is, the SMP4BIKE brand saddle range will have a suitable saddle.

Hand made in Italy, Carbon, Composite, Forma, Chrono, Evolution, Dynamic, Drakon, Stratos, Glider, Pro, Lite 209, Lite Junior, Avant, Plus, TRK Mens, TRK Ladies, TRK Gel, Touring, Fitness, Extreme, Xray, Hell Junior, Extra, Hybrid and E Bike saddles – all under one roof!

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